How to use your multiple oven cavities in the 90cm Range Cookers and the best things to cook in them

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This month we’re taking a deep dive into the best dishes you can create in each range cooker cavity (with some delicious recipes to match) as well as some hot tips so that you can get the best out of cooking with your Belling oven.

If you already have a Belling oven or you’re thinking of purchasing one soon (either way, you have great taste!) then you may be aware of the fact that our Range Cookers have multiple cavities. Each one is an incredible way to open up your kitchen to a world of convenience, efficiency and extra capacity.

If you want more information on why multi-cavity cooking is so great, then you can read our rough guide to each cavity.

Maxi-Grill™ And Conventional Oven

The compact oven with grill is a conventional oven and variable grill in one which makes it perfect for efficiently cooking or grilling smaller meals or snacks. This means the types of dishes that this oven is best suited for is freshly baked focaccia bread thanks to its flat surface, scones, casseroles for 1 or 2 people and shallow dishes like quiches or flans. The half grill is suited for small quantities such as cheesy toast, lamb or pork chops and charred capsicum whilst the full grill suitable for dishes with a bigger surface area like lasagne, cauliflower cheese or pasta bakes.

Still stuck for inspiration? In the Conventional Oven you can cook Quiche Lorraine (which also makes great leftovers for lunch the next day), Bobotie, the national dish of South Africa, or Goose and Cranberry Sausage Rolls. Delicious!

Hot tip: Place all your food centrally at an equal distance from the top and bottom element when using the conventional oven and place your food on the upper shelves when grilling.

The Multi-Function Main Oven

With an incredible 13 settings to choose from, such as Fan and Conventional options, a pizza function, grill settings and more, you can perfectly cook anything your heart desires. We’d suggest you do all your baking in this oven, from cakes to muffins and cookies, but its also great for roasting whole joints of meat and trays of vegetables. The fan oven is also perfect for fillets of fish to ensure an even (and healthy) cook.

Need some actual recipes? We’ve got you. The Fan Force Function can create a Chicken and Bean Enchilada Casserole or a mouthwatering Chocolate, Pear and Pistachio Cake, the Fan Grill Function is best for Grilled Lamb Cutlets with Green and Gold Salad the Fan and Base Element makes a great Spinach and Mushroom Pie and, finally, the Conventional Oven will whizz up a Strawberry Swiss Roll in no time!

Hot tip: When using the Fan Force Function, food can be placed on any level in the oven as the fan ensures even distribution of heat, but bear the shelf position in mind with what you’re cooking to allow for airflow - don’t put large joints of meat above something small as the air might not reach the bottom!

Titan™ Tall Twin Fanned Oven with PROFLEX™ Splitter

Enjoy the flexibility of one tall oven or two independently fanned ovens thanks to the innovative Quad Oven Technology™ coupled with 5 amazing functions so that you can cook an array of dishes at once.

This oven is fantastic for cooking large quantities of food that require the same temperature when using the whole cavity. This means you can cook different roasts, such as chicken or leg of lamb, with entire trays of vegetables, like pumpkin and potato, or you can batch cook your baking with several trays of cookies or muffins at once - or even 2 or more cakes at one time if you’re up to the challenge! When using the oven splitter, you’ll have the option of having two separate temperatures as the two compartments work individually which means you have the flexibility of two different dishes requiring a different temperature and cooking time!

Not sure what to cook? Why not try ​​Gruyère Cheese Pipes as an appetiser then either Spicy Asian Infused Chicken or Feta And Spinach Stuffed Pork as the main followed by stunning Mixed Berry Cakes as dessert. Yum!

Hot tip: The inclusion of both the twin fan technology and the PROFLEX™ Splitter means that when you’re cooking in the whole oven, food can be placed anywhere as the fans will distribute the heat evenly to ensure an even cook.

Proflex splitter inserted into the tall twin fanned oven, with different dishes being cooked above and below in the separate cavities