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How to plan your dream kitchen with Wendy Moore

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When you’re dreaming of a new kitchen, starting the process can be completely overwhelming. There’s so many different cabinetry styles, appliances and floor plans to choose from - you quickly suffer decision fatigue! I’m here to help you feel confident that you’re making the right design decisions for your kitchen, and for your home, by starting right at the beginning - how to figure out what you actually want!
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Provincial kitchen: Cristofe, Yowie Bay

How to find your style inspiration

Uncovering your personal style is the first step in defining the design direction or overarching theme of your kitchen design. Everyone’s taste is different, and I’d encourage you to invest some time and thought into this first step of the process. You might know what you want right off the bat; if so, you can jump straight to your moodboard (see below).

Do you like colours in warm tones or cooler tones? If you love tones that lean towards yellow or mustard, pink, red or maybe burnt orange, you’re in the warm camp. Or perhaps you’re a fan of soothing blues and greens, neutral greys or even black. If you’re already lost - take a step back and learn more about colours and their undertones here.

Now let’s talk style - some colour palettes will naturally lend themselves towards particular styles. Think monochromatic modern spaces warmed up with timber, or pinky-grey Scandinavian inspired spaces with blonde timbers.

The best way to pin down your style is to start scrolling online, pinning any and every image you love to a Pinterest board. When you take a step back and look at the images you’ve collected, your style story should start to emerge. Particular themes, surfaces, materials, colours and styles will dominate the board - these are the ones that speak to you! I’m also a bit old school and like to tear pages out of magazines and lay them all out on a bench - seeing them all together like that can make it easier to start grouping them and letting your style reveal itself.

“Don’t self edit-just gather as many images as you can, of any room or image you love-it doesn’t even have to be a kitchen! It could even be an artwork, such as a landscape you find inspiring” ~ interiors expert Wendy Moore
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The Interiors Edit

Building your moodboard

The next step is to turn your inspiration into a functional moodboard that can drive your design. For this, you’ll need colourand material samples that you can consider together in real life, in natural life. Focus on the details-like hardware, appliances and tiles. It’s time to start visiting showrooms and collecting samples!

You can also use online tools to build your moodboard, whether it’s an edited Pinterest board or a tool like Style Sourcebook.

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Belling 90cm Richmond Deluxe Induction - Kingfisher Teal

Key inclusions in every kitchen

You’ll know your moodboard is complete when you’ve factored every element of the design. And of course, this can andwill change based on the particulars of your kitchen.

Appliances While some people prefer invisibly integrated appliances, you could also consider this as an opportunity to add a fabulous wash of bold colour - Belling’s Colour Boutique range of cookers are a fabulous way to make a style statement that you use every single day.

Cabinetry From classic Shaker and beadboard profiles to minimalist handle-free or glass-fronted doors, there are many options to consider. My rule is - the more cabinetry you have, the more simple the profile should be - too many details can just get too busy for comfort.

Surfaces Benchtops can be stone, timber, ceramic and even polished concrete, with tiled or glass splashbacks or a singular material that carries up the wall. Make sure you research the pros and cons of each, and don’t be afraid to mix and match surfaces according to functionality. For instance, natural stone makes a great statement on an island, while stainless steel is super durable for a prep area.

Flooring Herringbone timber and tiled floors are trending now, but maybe you’re dealing with existing flooring? Be sure to add it to your moodboard, as the tone will need to work with your overall palette.

Hardware Brushed brass, polished nickel, or matte black; what’s your favourite? Nickel is my pick, but I love the instant texture brass can bring.

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Image source: Canva

Designing your kitchen

Now you know not just your style story but your dream key inclusions, it’s time to start designing. Visit kitchen companies and show kitchens to start the process. While your dream space may not have factored budget, this part of the process will, and you may have to make some decisions about what can go and what will stay. Keep referring to your moodboard to keep your vision top of mind.

A great kitchen designer will consider how you live as well as the basics of great kitchen design, and should be able to suggest alternative materials or appliances, should the dream piece be out of reach. If at any point you feel the design isn’t what you want, communicate with your designer. You’ll be living with this kitchen for a long time, so it’s important to get it right!


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Image source: Canva