Quad Oven™

Our 110cm models make the most of your space and boast a combined 224L capacity with an impressive four ovens. Each oven offers independent functionality so you can cook anything for the masses all at once. For more flexible and energy-efficient cooking, multi-cavity ovens allow you to prepare several dishes at once, or only operate the ovens you need


Cook like a professional chef with the intense heat and precise temperature control of a gas cooktop with 5 burners, and be inspired by the flexibility and even heat distribution of the multifunction electric oven cavities. Our premium ceramic glass surface is easy to clean while enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetic with style and elegance.

Twin PowerWok Plus™ with Dual Flame Technology

The 18MJ PowerWok Plus™ burner with Dual Flame Control technology provides you with ultimate precision, allowing adjustment from an ultra-low flame for delicate cooking, up to an intense heat for the perfect stir fry or rapid boiling.

Removable Telescopic Runners

The double extension telescopic runners slide out for safe and easy access to your food. They are fully adjustable and removable so they can be moved to your preferred oven cavity or shelf position. Additional sets are available to purchase here

Equiflow™ Fan

The Equiflow™ Fan evenly distributes heat around the full cavity. Naturally resulting in controlled, consistent temperatures when cooking.

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