PiperSienna Mojito Mint Belling cooker

Our collaboration with @pipersienna and our Mojito Mint Colour Boutique Range Cooker

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Thinking of updating your kitchen with a splash of colour and an exciting new oven? Well, for @pipersienna that dream became a reality with a brand new Mojito Mint Colour Boutique Deluxe Range Cooker!


Based in Woody Point in Queensland, Kerry, her husband and their two kids (who her Instagram handle is named after) currently have a brand new house in progress, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting started on their new kitchen. What better place to start than the heart of the home?

The new kitchen will be a Hamptons clean and classic feel with all white walls and some modern touches, including white stone benchtops which will certainly make the Mojito Mint oven stand out even more! They’re also planning mint accessories to match the oven, gold taps and faucets and glass window splashbacks with plenty of greenery outside. Kerry knows her new oven will look fabulous in her new home as she had the hot pink Belling Colour Boutique Range cooker in her last house which she says was the focal feature of the kitchen and a huge talking point… and we can’t help but agree!

Of course, it’s not just about the aesthetics. Kerry finds the oven super easy to use and as she’s not one for reading instructions, she could work almost everything out just by looking at the knobs. Simple!

As someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, Kerry will certainly be getting a lot of use out of her brand new range cooker. The family prefer home-cooked to takeaway and they spend their time cooking simple plant-based meals. Although she loves to cook, she doesn’t like each meal to take too long to prepare… A lovely veggie lasagne or muffins for the kids are her go-to.

So, what’s Kerry’s favourite thing about the oven? Well, the colour, of course! She says “just looking at it makes me happy”, but the easy-to-use features and the size of the multiple ovens are perfect for her family’s needs. With an impressive four ovens, Belling Range Cookers offer independent functionality in each oven so that you can cook anything for the masses all at once.

If you need some inspiration for your next kitchen masterpiece, then Kerry has a delicious idea: “I loved the way my Belling roasted butternut pumpkin with a little extra sweetness from a drizzle of maple”. Yum!

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen and stir in some vibrancy, then our Colour Boutique Deluxe range comes in 5 gorgeous colours that are sure to wow whoever steps foot in your kitchen.