Winter cooking with a multi-cavity oven: Roast dinners, homemade bread and slow cooker dishes

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With the cooler weather approaching, we’re saying goodbye to salads and soups and hello to comforting dishes that might require a little extra capacity.

We’re thinking warming stews, Sunday dinners for the whole family, roasted root veggies and pasta bakes. Luckily with a Belling Range Cooker, you’ve got the option of incredible multi-cavity cooking which allows for a world of flexibility, versatility and time saving. Isn’t that great?

Each of our Multi-Cavity Range Cookers have 3 or 4 independently controlled ovens or grills to make sure that if you’re cooking dishes with loads of elements (think a Roast Dinner with all the trimmings, from juicy meats to roast veg and everything in between) or loads of different meals at once (if you’ve got fussy eaters coming over) super easy.

Each of the independent ovens can create incredible winter dishes to keep you warm. Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas for what each of the incredible Range Cooker cavities can create in your kitchen.

The small conventional oven or grill is perfect for baking something small, such as homemade bread rolls to go with warming soup (what could be better than freshly baked bread?) or for grilling your favourite cuts of meat when it’s too cold to head out to the BBQ.

Homemade bread rolls baking in the small conventional oven

The larger 64L multi-function oven has 12 different functions so that you can adjust how the oven heats up easily depending on what you want to cook. This is the largest oven, which makes it perfect for the meals that take up more room, such as entire roast chickens, pies for the whole family and even a stuffed pumpkin!

Roast chicken with vegetables fresh out of a Belling oven

The taller right-hand side on both the 90cm and 110cm models contain plenty of options for comforting meals. There’s a special bread proving option for those homemade loaves, a full-width baking tray for brownies, blondies and muffins and even a slow cook oven for those incredible dishes cooked over a low heat. Create stews, pulled meats, chilli con carne and even paellas and lasagne.

Roast meat fresh out of a Belling oven

If you’re looking forward to getting busy cooking up some winter warmers for the whole family (or just an evening where you want to keep cosy indoors) then a Richmond Deluxe or a CookCentre Deluxe Range Cooker is the perfect oven for your kitchen. Not only do they both have 4 independent ovens and massive capacities but they’re also super easy to clean and maintain, they have telescopic shelves to easily reach your dishes and programmable timers to make sure that even if life gets in the way, it won’t ruin your cooking.

Whatever your style, we also have the right fuel, size and colour Range Cooker so that you can express your personality at the heart of your home.

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