Smarter, Faster, Safer, Greener: A guide to induction cooking by Belling

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Induction cooking has the power to revolutionise your cooking experience. The energy efficiency, power and precision of induction cooking has caught the eye of many in the kitchen, and for good reason too. Belling’s range of induction cooking options are the smarter, faster, safer AND greener way to cook, and below we explore why every masterchef needs an induction cooktop in their home!

How does it work?

Induction technology uses magnetic currents to directly heat your pots and pans, instead of the cooktop. Induction cooking heats a cooking vessel by electrical induction, instead of by thermal conduction from a flame, or an electrical heating element. Cooking with induction makes mealtime easier with quicker heat, precise control, and easy clean up.

Range cooker with an induction cooktop

Keep in mind that induction cooking uses magnets to transfer heat, therefore the type of pan you use must be conducive to this cooking method. There are pans made out of aluminium and copper that don’t have the magnetic properties needed which is why going for good quality stainless steel pans is a much better choice when cooking with induction cooktops. You will find that cookware will have a symbol and note that is designed for induction cooking listed on the bottom of the pan or on the box. This means that there is a heavy metal bottom that will work to pull the heat in, which means you are good to go when using this on an induction cooktop.

What makes Belling’s range of Induction cooktops Smarter?

One of the most commonly referred to benefits of induction cooking is speed. The electromagnetic technology of induction cooking creates heat directly and only in the pan itself, making it super efficient. In fact, Belling's induction technology is actually 30% more efficient and twice as fast at heating up ingredients than a gas cooktop. This means faster cooking speeds and less time standing and waiting for a pot of water to boil! Now your pasta can be ready even quicker than you can say al dente!

In addition to this, Belling’s 'One Touch' slider controls give you intuitive command over your induction hob – so you have ultimate control over the heat of your food. The power boost option provides extra heat when you need it and if you need to cook something gently and slowly, then our induction cooktops will work magnificently too. You can even melt chocolate directly in the pan! That’s how precise and even the heat of our induction cooktops are

Safety first

Our Induction cooktops also offer safety features such as a child lock to prevent your little ones from accessing the cooktop controls. The big winner however, is that heat is restricted to the surface of the pot or pan, so food spills won’t burn and cause smoke and potential hazards in the kitchen. Safety shutdown and automatic overheat detection also turns off your hob if left unattended which is another added bonus.

Green machines

With our superior induction technology, you can save on your energy bills and help the planet, all whilst cooking your favourite meals. As the heat of an induction cooktop heats the pan directly and is not directed anywhere else, the surrounding surfaces stay much cooler, which means that induction hotplates can use up to 30% less energy than a gas hob and 25% less energy than a ceramic cooktop. This is great for those who are eco-conscious and looking to make their kitchen green and more environmentally friendly.

An induction cooktop