10 reasons why you should choose a Belling as your next oven

4 min read
Thinking about purchasing a new oven? With so many options out there, things can get a little confusing. Let us make your choice that little bit easier with our list of 10 reasons why Belling should be your first choice!

1. Longstanding British brand

We remain as one of the most loved and trusted British cooking brands with four generations of families growing up with a Belling cooker in their kitchen! Belling’s proud 100+ year history has seen us launch a number of world firsts, developing products and technologies decades ago that are still important to cooks today.

2. A 5-year warranty

Our dedication to quality and reliability allows us to cover all Belling cooking appliances* under a domestic warranty for 5 years, that includes all parts and labour for even more peace of mind. Not that we think you need it. Registering your Belling product online takes just a few minutes and enables our friendly team to deliver a faster and more efficient after‐sales service for you

3. Durability

All Belling appliances are made to the highest standards, with quality top of mind. Our products are made to last, letting you entertain with good food through all life’s moments. In fact, Belling was rated the #1 Oven Brand in the 2019/20 Finder Retail Awards! Thousands of customers were surveyed, with 100% of customers recommending Belling ovens, leading to the brand receiving the highest overall score. Now that’s a true win.

4. A range of choices, from the modern to the traditional and colourful

We believe in offering you a range of products so diverse that no matter what your style or taste is, there's a Belling for you, your lifestyle and your kitchen. After a pop of colour? Then the Colour Boutique range is perfect! Looking for a more traditional style, than the Richmond Deluxe collection featuring colonial-style cookers which are both traditional and clever is the choice for you. And for the true master chef, the Cookcentre Deluxe range is your go-to; designed to transform your cooking experience, this range includes versatile features and innovative technologies at the forefront of its design.

5. Made for true cooking aficionados

Belling is made for the true master chef…Our stunning British-made range of cookers are fully featured for you to enjoy the benefits of multi-cavity cooking with up to 4 independent ovens, massive capacities, easy cleaning and maintaining, telescopic shelves, programmable timers and more... Whatever your style, we have the right size and colour you need to express it at the heart of your home

6. Made in the UK

All of our products are made to the highest standards and we remain committed to supporting our heritage and history with the manufacturing of almost all products sold here in Australia being made in the UK.

7. Dedication to innovation

Over the years, Belling’s products have always stayed ahead of the game and changed dramatically along the way, but one thing that has always remained is our dedication to innovation. We consistently develop products which consider the consumers’ needs and deliver on functionality and ergonomics. And innovation is just one of the areas where we're pushing boundaries; energy efficiency is a major concern here at Belling and we're so committed to championing the cause that many of our appliances have the highest possible energy rating.

8. A myriad of recipes available!

Our team has worked with top chefs to create a range of delicious recipes made especially for Belling so that you never run out of inspiration! Whether it’s a starter, main, or dessert, you’ll have all the tools you need to create a truly tasty meal! Plus, we have special roasting guides for all types of proteins and vegetables to help you achieve spot-on results and excellence in every meal. Read our roasting guide and recipes.

9. Accessories to match your Belling

Belling has also released new accessories to match with your cooker, including a new Steam & Infuse Kit, Griddle Plate, Telescopic Rails, Wire Shelf and Oven Pan insert. Take your cooking to the next level with our range of accessories and elevate your experience in the kitchen.

10. Cleaning made easy

We all know how much of a laborious task it is to clean your oven, which is why ours are made with features to make the whole process a cinch! All Belling ovens are fitted with removable furniture (side rails and racks) to assist with easy cleaning and we have detailed cleaning instructions which give you the full rundown on the best way to tackle this task.

Now that you have read through the above, we hope you have a little more clarity on your next oven choice. And if that isn’t enough to sway you, check out the online Belling community showing off our beautiful range in their homes…