Belling at The Zin House: modern farmhouse dining at its best!

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At Belling we’ve always been inspired by the intersection between classic style, good food and modern technology. That’s where our most beloved range of cookers comes in: The Richmond Deluxe Range Cookers, available in an array of beautiful colours. But they’re more than just good looking and our friends at The Zin House can attest to that. They recently updated their gorgeous farm-to-table restaurant and put our Richmond Deluxe Chilli Red Gas-Through-Glass Range Cooker to the test. They’ve inspired our taste buds now too!

Based in Mudgee, New South Wales, on the sprawling organic estate of Lowe Family Wines, and surrounded by farmland and bountiful food gardens lies The Zin House. Owner Kim, head chef Jim, and head gardener Carola work together to develop and prepare food that is not only delicious, but reflects the whole growing cycle and the impact it has. Like us here at Belling, they value the good things like taking time over delicious food with those you care about.


Zin is an eclectic farmhouse style. Following a recent makeover, stepping into the restaurant is like stepping into your home-away-from-home, with warm colours and enticing smells. Stunning NSW artwork adorns the walls with further splashes of colour and contrast to accompany the chili-red glow of their new oven! 


Jim’s kitchen holds court at the centre of the restaurant, overlooking the dining area. So the food and methods of cooking are right there for all to see. We love that transparency of farm to table, and our Richmond Deluxe Chilli Red Gas-Through-Glass Range Cooker fits right in, looking modern and classic at the same time. Plus it matched their Berkel flywheel slicer to add an extra pop of red which the Zin team knew would look stunning.

But it’s not purely for aesthetics! With split capacity across multiple independent ovens it’s practical for multitasking, able to keep up with the thousand things Jim is doing at any one time. It also helps when you’ve only got a small amount to cook, saving energy as you heat only one section.

So what’s Jim’s favourite thing to cook in the Richmond Deluxe Range Cooker? His answer might be surprising... Pasta! Yes, even pasta is easier with our cooker as you can have the pasta water, sauce and three more pans on, all at once. As Jim said, “It makes people feel at home when they see us cooking in our open kitchen, and we love the conversation and connection this inspires with our guests.” Because that’s what Zin is all about - welcoming people into a home, to enjoy food made from scratch.

After the lockdown, Jim is looking forward to getting back to the kitchen! And being springtime in their gardens, there’s an abundance of asparagus, broad beans and globe artichokes waiting to be cooked in his Belling Oven.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen and add some spice and vibrancy, then The Richmond Deluxe Range Cookers in gorgeous colours like chilli-red are sure to wow. And the food you’ll make with them will be show-stopping too!

The ZIn House X Belling Rangecoooker