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5 Quick Updates for any Kitchen - By Wendy Moore

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Interiors expert Wendy Moore delivers five updates that won’t break the budget - but will deliver timeless style!

Wendy Moore’s 5 quick updates for any kitchen
Kitchen renovations can be expensive. Once you crunch the numbers, you might find a completely new kitchen is out of your budget. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dream space - there are many simple ways to transform your kitchen and give you that just-renovated feeling without ripping out everything and starting from scratch. Here, I’m sharing my favourite ways to create a big impact for just a small spend.

Update key appliances for functionality and style
That new kitchen feeling isn’t just about aesthetics - it’s about having a functional space with good quality appliances that deliver the goods. That could mean a fridge with an icemaker or a silent dishwasher, but for most people, it’s the oven and cooktop that will have the biggest impact - particularly for people with a big family, or who simply love to cook. My pick is the Belling Colour Boutique Deluxe 90cm Induction Range Cooker - not only does it feature an on-trend induction cooktop for safe and efficient cooking, it offers an opportunity to boost your kitchen’s whole vibe with bold, on-trend colour.

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Replace your kitchen benchtops for ultimate wow
One of the hardest working surfaces in your kitchen, the benchtop is one area that certainly stands the test of time - and as such, your benchtop may well belong to another era. Dated laminate surfaces are always the first to go when I’m renovating spaces on a budget, and there are many creative ways to do this. Companies like Granite Transformations can install luxurious new marble and granite engineered stone surfaces over existing cabinetry. Another inexpensive option is to have timber cut to size at your local timber supplier or hardware store - just be sure to seal the surface properly, and be prepared to maintain it
over time.

When making your benchtop choice, think about how it relates to other large surfaces in your space, like the flooring or appliances, and choose a profile, colour and material that’s complementary. Whether you’re updating all your surfaces or just one, it’s key to consider the entire colour story.

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Transform your space with new cabinetry
You often don’t need a whole new kitchen - if your carcass is in good condition, updating just the doors will do the trick! If you’re lucky enough to have standard sized cupboards and doors, this is an easy, off-the-shelf purchase that will have an enormous impact. For cupboards that aren't standard size, ask a joiner to quote on the project. I’m a huge fan of Customea, which previously provided designer doors for off-the-shelf Ikea kitchens, but has
now extended its offering to include custom sizes. Perfect!

In terms of style, choose a handle-free profile and monochrome palette for a modern vibe. A Shaker profile suits both modern and classic spaces and is always on-trend, while timber doors can add texture and warmth. If you can’t stretch to brand new doors, consider updating just the hardware.

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Revive and restore your kitchen with paint
A splash of colour can transform a dull space into a lively haven. Whether you're into subtle neutrals or bold hues, paint can deliver makeover magic on a budget. Pick a colour that resonates with your kitchen and style point of view. Warming terracotta, vivid greens and classic whites are all trending – the choice is yours.

Next, prep that canvas: clean those cabinets, sand down rough spots, and lay down painter's tape. Roll or brush the walls, cabinets, and even countertops. And remember, paint isn't just about looks; it's a protective shield against kitchen mishaps. You can even paint your splashback - just be sure to choose a specialty paint; try the Dulux Renovation Range.

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Wendy’s fave colour story
Blue and white is a classic colour combination that works so well for Australian homes. Soothing blue is evocative of the ocean, so works really well for any scheme inspired by Hamptons or modern coastal. I like to pair it fresh, natural whites and lots of texture to keep the look interesting. This kitchen is a great example of how making colour a feature, rather than a key focus, can be so effective. The oven is a brand-new Belling Colour Boutique 90cm Gas-Through-Glass Range Cooker in Thunder Blue - it really pops against the white cabinetry, bringing a splash of classic beauty with all the modern efficiencies a kitchen needs.

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Wendy Moore
Interiors expert Wendy Moore is renowned for her understanding of what Australians want from their homes. Wendy and her team at The Interiors Edit are focussed on
achievable dreams, attainable style and leading trend development and evolution that works with the way we live.

Known across the country as the host of Selling Houses Australia, Group GM of The Lifestyle Group of Channels and Homes Editor at Australian Women’s Weekly, Wendy’s resume also includes a decade on leading trend forecasting publication Australian Home Beautiful, as well as a judge on Channel 7’s House Rules.