What are the Belling Benefits?

We have highlighted some key product features to help choose the right cooker for you:


3 Button Programmer

User-friendly and simple to operate. It allows to program the oven so meals are ready when needed.

Timer Function

Alerts when a specified cooking time has elapsed.


Easy Clean Enamel

No need to scrub, just a quick wipe clean and the oven will be sparkling again.

One Piece Hot Plate

No joins - no build up of grease and dirt.

Cast Iron
Pan Supports

Removable pan supports that are dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning. These supports can be found on gas cooktops.

Oven Design



Shelf Positions

Versatile oven capacity is important when cooking. The multiple shelf positions maximise the oven's usable area and create flexibility.

Main Oven

The larger cavity in a double oven.

Top Oven

The smaller cavity in a double oven.


Flame Safety Device
(FSD) - Gas

The "Flame Safety Device" (FSD) monitors the gas flame. In the event the flame goes out, the device will stop the gas flow automatically.

Hot Cooktop
Indicator - Electric

A light that illuminates until the surface is cool enough to be touched safely.


Dual Fuel

The perfect combination of a gas hob with an electric oven and grill.

Induction Cooktop

When a pan is placed on top of the cooktop, it completes a magnetic circuit which creates energy at its base. This in turn heats the pan and its contents.

Induction cooktops must be used in conjunction with enamelled steel, cast iron or multi layer stainless steel pans.

Ceramic Cooktop

The electric element is held in place under the ceramic glass - super easy to keep clean.