Use your leftover Easter chocolate

Chocolate bunnies, eggs and other Easter treats can quickly accumulate in the home over the holidays. Whether you don’t want your family to overindulge in sweets, or because you physically cannot eat one more, most of them will likely end up in the bin.

However, excess chocolate can be crushed, sliced or melted, and used in any regular recipe you want to try with surprising results. From chocolate fondues and cereal bars, to perfect lava cakes and puddings; these eggs-traordinary suggestions will help you use up any leftover Easter chocolates:

Bake Easy Chocolate Lava Cake

Ever wanted to bake a delicious, melting-in-the-middle, oozing chocolate pudding? Now you can with this failproof method. Get started by finding your favourite recipe for chocolate pudding and preparing it as usual.

When you are ready to pour the mixture into the baking tin/moulds, pour half of the batter in first, then press Easter eggs into the centre, and finally pour the rest of the batter to the desired level. Bake until firm around the edges and voila - the resulting pudding will have a velvety, runny, soft centre. Dig in!

TIP - you can also substitute the baking chocolate called for in most recipes with more Easter treats to get rid of even more leftovers. Remember to sprinkle cocoa powder and line the ramekins with baking paper to make the process of taking out the cakes easier.

Brew an 'Eggspresso'

First made famous in Instagram by Perth’s very own Karvan coffee, this Easter twist on combining chocolate and espresso proves that if you let your imagination fly, leftover chocolates can be used in very original ways.

Image source: Instagram

Make Chocolate Fondue & Ganache

Melted chocolate paired with strawberries and other fruits is already great as an alternative to Easter eggs. But, if you heat up half a cup of milk or cream and mix with 375g of chocolate, you can enjoy a rather versatile sauce for many occasions:

  • Serve it warm as a fondue. Make sure to have forks or skewers ready to dip all kinds of things, like marshmallows and fruits.
  • After letting it cool down, it can be used as a topping for ice cream, cereal, waffles or anything else you want.

If you have a Belling induction cooktop, you can gently melt chocolate in Level 2 - it will acquire the consistency it needs for a smooth result. You can obtain a very similar result with a gas stove and a low flame.

TIP - Add 2 teaspoons of butter to the cream for a softer chocolate flavour. For more intensity, use milk instead.

Use as a Choc Chip or Filling Substitute in any Recipe

It’s as simple as crushing the chocolate eggs into bits, and using them instead of regular choc chips - perfect for cookies, skillet cakes, muffins, friands or pancakes.

When it comes to chocolate fillings, you can use and repurpose Easter treats easily. These can be used in almost any recipe for a sometimes unexpected surprise; like these decadent caramel egg stuffed Easter croissants! Yum!

Image source: Taming Twins

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