Steam cooking - Are the benefits really as good as they 'steam' to be?

It seems steaming food is the latest trend in Australian kitchens with a wealth of benefits on offer.

A 2009 study published in SCIENCE B, the Biomedicine and Biotechnology Journal of Zhejiang University in China, found that steaming retains more chlorophyll and vitamin C as well as soluble proteins and sugars when compared to microwaving, boiling, stir-frying and stir-fry-boiling using broccoli as a test subject. Steaming retained the most nutrients and kept intact the glucosinolates – compounds which exert an antioxidant and anticarcinogen (anti-cancer) effect on people.

Steam cooking keeps vegetables as close to their natural state as possible so they retain colour, taste and freshness better than conventional cooking methods according to Medirest. (In our next post, we’ll put it to the test and share the results with you – watch this space!)

It’s not only health benefits on offer from steam cooking though. If you’re someone who hates the chore of cleaning up after cooking and keeping your kitchen looking pristine, steam cleaning could save you time and energy as there is no baked on food or grease to clean.

With the wealth of benefits on offer, it’s easy to see why steam ovens are becoming the ‘must-have’ appliance in Australian consumer kitchens. But do they come with a hefty price tag?

Until recently, steam ovens were seen as industrial or specialist ovens that cost a small fortune. This is no longer the case, as anyone interested can get an integrated steam combi oven (which can also microwave, roast and grill your food as well as steaming it) for under $1,700 - such as our new IB45CS Steam Combi Oven from the Belling Black Series.

Not only does it give great benefits of nutritious cooking and easy cleaning but it saves money and space in the kitchen as it eliminates the need for a separate microwave. What’s more, for the times when you do need that extra bit of baking space to make your favourite cakes and cookies, it’s the perfect helping hand.

Look after your family, your health, your wallet and the space in your kitchen: consider a Steam Combination Oven next time you update the oven in your home.