Christmas edible table centrepieces

Leave your guests gasping in admiration when they see these Christmas tree centrepieces... that are also edible. We know you might be busy enough trying to put together dinner for the day, that's why this recipe couldn't be any easier!

You'll need thin cardboard paper, a pair of scissors, marshmallows, mixed nuts, gummies, dark chocolate and of course, your Belling induction cooktop.

The ingredients you'll need to create quick, delicious, edible Christmas centrepieces

  1. Turn your Belling Induction cooktop on the lowest level (1). Put the chocolate in a pot, and let it melt. Stir occasionally.

    Belling's lowest level of induction is perfect to melt chocolate without burning it.
  2. Cut squares of the cardboard paper, and roll them so as they look like pointy cones. Secure with a bit of sticky tape. Try to make different sizes, so your centrepieces have different heights.
  3. Place some nuts and a bit of the melted chocolate at the bottom of every cone. Use tall glasses or vases to help you keep them upright.

    Add a nutty surprise at the top of every centrepiece! Some nuts and chocolate will do the trick
  4. In the pan, mix the rest of the ingredients and stir until combined.

    Mix the ingredients for a killer Rocky Road mix using Belling's induction technology
  5. Spoon the mixture into the cones, but try not to compact it too much.

    If you don't press the Rocky Road mix too much, you will end up with interesting and more realistic features for your Christmas edible centrepieces.
  6. Let the chocolate solidify inside the fridge. Once cold, cut the cardboard carefully to retrieve the chocolate cones.

    Let the chocolate set completely before removing the cardboard that holds it together.
  7. Melt a bit of the remaining chocolate, and utilising a fork or a knife, spread roughly on the surface of the cones. This will help for a more realistic tree texture.
  8. Now it's time to express yourself! Use edible glitter, pearls, white chocolate... whatever you want to make those centrepieces look pretty and express your own personality. Place in the middle of the table, and enjoy together with your loved ones.

    Make edible Christmas centrepieces with an Aussie favourite: Rocky Road!

What do you think? Ready to present some Rocky Road for your guests that will surely surprise them?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the team at Belling!