Make a statement with colour

There are certain looks that define the trends of a year. Who doesn't remember when black kitchens were the most 'in'? Or when a fully-equipped kitchen in nothing but stainless steel was the rage? However, as dear Heidi Klum says in every season of Project Runway: "in fashion, one day you're in, and the next you're out".

This proves a problem since renovating a kitchen takes significantly more time (and money!) than going to the shops and buy accessories in a different colour. Ok, we are oversimplifying, we know it takes more than that to stay fashionable; but you get our point. How to keep up with the whimsical arbitrariness of fashion when changing a whole room is not an option? If you're thinking on renovating the kitchen, you want all that money to pay off for a lasting while.

Make a statement with colour

Trends come and go. But there are certain timeless designs that remain relevant and see a come back every so often.

One of them is to cleverly combine 2 colours and distinguish them with timber highlights. The contrasting backdrop can be more easily changed, accommodating shifting tastes over time - allowing you to personalise your kitchen with homewares and wall colour rather than a huge makeover.

For this to work, the right appliances are needed. Keep it elegant with the beautiful black Richmond induction cooker and a matching black Richmond rangehood with the iconic collection's towel rail.

Another way to avoid worries of becoming the victim of fashion, is to stick to a classic kitchen. Something you will enjoy as much as you did the day it was put into the heart of your home.

A calming, pale, neutral tone will not dominate, but rather enlarge the space in the room; they're super easy to mix with other colours and materials - adapting for a variety of settings with in-frame, up-to-date style. 

Textured finishes on doors, splashbacks, walls and floors add both warmth and individuality. The new cream Richmond rangehood provides such a touch of classic elegance needed to pull this off.

Last but not least, investing in coloured appliances is a good way to update a tired kitchen and inject some colour without overspending.

Moving away from the safer white-only kitchen is easy, take the red Richmond dual fuel range cooker and turn up the heat with the matching fiery red Richmond rangehood for example. 

Less is more when it comes to an ageless, modern design like this: just a few materials and finishes. Throw in some more colour through the inclusion of pendant lighting, tapware, accessories, or wall decorations. Versatile and full of personality, like you!

Whichever look strikes your fancy the most, just remember that kitchens are no longer simply where food is prepared. They're social hubs - becoming the entertainment centre of the home. It is the place where the family gets together at the end of the day to eat, talk, watch TV, do homework or relax: the perfect place to make a timeless statement with colour with the full Richmond look.

Do you want to make a colour combination of your own with the Richmond collection? Try our new Richmond Colour Selector to pair them however you want and see the results for yourself. Choose a Richmond, choose your colour, make a statement.