A guide to multi-cavity cooking

There isn’t a one size fits all approach when it comes to cooking. Although it is part of the fun, it can make cooking many dishes or foods at once a little difficult, or even impossible, as each one requires different times, temperatures and functions. That’s why at Belling, our range cookers have multiple cavities, opening up your kitchen to a world of convenience, efficiency and extra capacity. Each oven has independently controlled ovens or grills, from 3 to 4 depending on which size you go for, ensuring each meal is cooked perfectly and at the same time.

Did you know that choosing a multi-cavity oven not only allows you to be more versatile but could even halve your cooking time? Plus, using smaller cavities instead of one large oven means that you’re only heating the space you need, making it much more energy-efficient. Imagine the energy wasted from cooking a meal for one in a large single cavity oven! As if that wasn’t great enough already, our largest range cooker at 110cm reaches an impressive 224L, so you’ll be amazed at the number of dishes you can cook from just one incredible oven.

Want to know more? Here’s what each cavity has to offer and which dishes it can be best used for:

  • The top left cavity is a small conventional oven or grill which is perfect for baking something small, such as bread rolls or cupcakes. It’s also great for grilling your favourite cuts of meat and fish or even just creating the ultimate comfort food: cheese on toast!
  • The bottom left oven is a much larger 64L multi-function oven. The 12 different functions, from a special pizza function to grill settings, means that you can adjust how the oven heats up depending on your cooking needs. This makes it ideal for those who need specific functions for the perfect result, from pavlova to pastizzi. This oven comes with two oven shelves and Telescopic runners which are completely removable, so they can be moved around the ovens depending on where you need them the most.

  • 90cm ovens have one right-hand side tall oven which includes a grill as well as bread proving and slow cooking functions. It comes with three shelves and a full-width baking tray, the answer for cooking up big breakfasts for the whole family. The huge 94L capacity can be used as one large cooking space or it can be easily split into two independently sealed ovens with the use of the Proflex™ Cavity Splitter and Equiflow™ twin fans. This incredible innovation is referred to as Quad Oven Technology™ as it gives a total of four ovens in the smaller oven with an overall 195L capacity, but with the option to cook as one if you wish. It’s a market leader for good reason!
  • In the larger 110cm models, the cavity configuration is the same as the 90cm, apart from the fact that the oven sizes vary and there is also the inclusion of a slow cook oven on the bottom right. This has a set temperature for food to be cooked for a long time and slowly… so all you need to do is set the time! This is great for slow-cooked dishes such as pulled pork, casseroles and curries. Having this addition gives us the amazing freedom to use the other 3 ovens to cook various other dishes at various temperatures and at different cooking times.